Baby Diet 8 Months

baby diet 8 months

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baby diet 8 months - The Healthy

The Healthy Baby Meal Planner: Mom-Tested, Child-Approved Recipes for Your Baby and Toddler

The Healthy Baby Meal Planner: Mom-Tested, Child-Approved Recipes for Your Baby and Toddler

An all-new version of the definitive guide to feeding babies and toddlers is now available—featuring gorgeous new photos and brand-new recipes children will love! More and more parents are turning away from feeding their children processed foods laden with empty calories and are instead looking for wholesome, tasty alternatives they can prepare at home. With nutritional expert Annabel Karmel’s The Healthy Baby Meal Planner, parents will learn how to foster healthy eating habits in their children that will last a lifetime. Organized chronologically from infancy to age two, it features dozens of Karmel’s triedand- true recipes along with twenty-five brand-new ones—all easy-to-prepare, delicious, and kid-approved. In her trademark warm and accessible style, Karmel teaches parents which foods are appropriate for each stage of a child’s development; how and when to introduce fruits, vegetables, and other solid foods; and how to create and present nourishing dishes that tempt even the fussiest of eaters and make mealtimes exciting for toddlers. For parents of children with food allergies and special nutritional needs, she also provides a comprehensive list of ingredient substitutions. The Healthy Baby Meal Planner is an all-in-one resource full of simple cooking techniques, money- and time-saving tips, serving suggestions, guidelines for preparing meals in advance, plus advice on freezing and reheating. With instructive charts, sidebars, and a wealth of beautiful, full-color food photographs, The Healthy Baby Meal Planner is the perfect gift for parents who want to give their little ones the best possible start in life.

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"Baby Come Back"

"Baby Come Back"

I came across this picture today and thought I should post it. I think it was taken a day or two after we got Finn so he would have been just 8 weeks old...

Anyone's who's had a puppy knows it can be a frustrating time. Here is this adorable and sweet little stranger totally dependant on you. .. I remember the first night he cried and cried for his littermates. Broke our hearts. After that though he was fine. Then it was into everything! Pouncing on our hot morning coffee, eating everything he could; even his own poop! Then of course up every few hours in the night to go to the bathroom. (Sometimes we made it, sometimes we didn't!) Then there was the hard biting with those little pin teeth! He even bit my nose!? And we couldn't leave him alone for a minute! Puppies are so curious, and don't know the dangers of pulling things down on top of them etc... A big planter comes to mind; there was dirt everywhere, and lots of puppy "yiping!" ;)

It had been so long since we had dealt with a puppy. Our 2 old Jack Russells had both died in the past year. (One 15 with heart and kidney disease, and our other suddenly of spleen cancer) Our days had been made up of taking care of old dogs...special diets, numerous medications, visits to the vet. We really knew nothing about what to do with a puppy!?

So off to the bookstore I went to get a couple of guides on how to successfully raise a puppy.... What seemed like big deals at the time quickly passed... (How to get him to understand the word no, and to stop biting us all the time!?...) 3 rounds of obedience classed were also beneficial;)

Then one day I thought to myself, he's really grown up!? and he listens?! And he understands!? And he's housebroken?! He even pees on command?! And he doesn't bite us anymore?! ...And he's PERFECT! ...(Well, almost perfect!)

We've only had him 15 months but it seems so much longer. The bond is strong. He is our dog now, loyal and true... We adore him, and now that I know who he is I just wish I could go back and appreciate those moments of puppydum just for a little bit longer. I'd love to hold that little pup in my arms knowing what I know now;)

Leland 9 months old

Leland 9 months old

9 month check up:

Height: 29 inches (73.6 cm)
Weight: 8.636 kg (19 lb 0.7 oz)

during this past month, i learned to stand up with support, and i tried to climb over any thing that i see. in other words, i have become quite mobile. it's harder and harder for people to hold me. I also learned to laugh at more random things. I just can't control myself.

despite my superb motor skills, this month has been particularly challenging for me. i was sick for a long stretch of time. The stuffy nose made it hard for me to have good sleep. I had to cry for comfort from mommy.

my big struggle is my diet. i still refuse solid foods, which caused my weight to drop. I actually lost one pound since the last checkup. it was three months ago!! my weight was at 70 percentile at last checkup. now i am at 25 percentile. it's a great setback. i hope i can overcome my own struggle soon so i can gain more calories and become a chubby baby again.

I will be traveling to taiwan in a few days. it will be exciting times since I will be meeting a lot of new people. hopefully i won't get too overwhelmed. maybe the hot weather will open up my appetite for new foods :)

thanks for reading. see you next time.

baby diet 8 months

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